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Simmons Method™ Trained Stop Smoking Specialists are
when it comes to helping you get free of smoking permanently and completely

Looking to Stop Smoking easily & for good?

I don’t need to tell you what it’s like. How it takes over your life. How you go through your day making decisions based on when you can get out to have a fag.
Worried about who can smell it on your breath and your clothes, not to mention what it is doing to your health.

And maybe you even try and hide it from your loved ones, ashamed that it’s a habit that still has a hold of you, and sick to death of everyone going on about it.

“Just stop” they say – like it’s easy.  But deep down you are worried about stopping. How is it going to feel? Do I have to go through the whole withdrawal thing? Ugh.

Let’s Rewind

Let’s rewind. Picture your new smoke-free life.  Making decisions based on where you want to go, what you want to do.  

Breathing easily. Smelling fresh, enjoying your health, getting better with every day.

It’s Not Your Fault

Here’s the thing.   IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!
No matter how society wants to put the blame squarely on your supposed lack of willpower or (even worse) ‘addictive personality’.
No matter how many non-smokers think that all you need to do is ‘pull-yourself-together’, I want *you* to know what’s going on.

Nicotine is a sneaky beast. It’s a drug that hijacks our natural survival mechanisms, to the extent that your brain (and body) get convinced that smoking is essential for life.

It uses exactly the same mechanism to motivate you to smoke as you use to motivate you to eat, keep safe and… ermm… procreate – all things that are essential for life.

No wonder it seems hard to stop. Your very being is crying out to hang onto it.  And it’s all because your brain is working exactly how it should do.

Sure – I know you made the choice to have that first cigarette – we all did. But from then on, the nicotine started to fool your mind.   Enough


A Science-based approach

A Simmons Method™ Trained Stop Smoking Specialist knows how it all works.

And their understanding of the neuroscience of nicotine addiction allows them to apply their considerable skills and experience in a laser-focused way.


This is not just Hypnotherapy

This is tailored, laser-focused therapy – aimed fairly and squarely to knock out the nicotine addiction once and for all.

And you may not even feel the slightest niggle. Imagine.  It could be so much easier than you knew.

Sure – you may have been to hypnotherapists before. Some who get you to close your eyes, and then start to read out a ‘stop smoking’ script. It’s true. (I went to some myself).

Seriously? What’s the chances of that working?

You are UNIQUE

  • The triggers that make you want a cigarette, you know, the times, places, people, smells….  
    You’ve got it. They are unique to you.
  • How you smoke. Yet again…. Unique to you. 
  • Why you want to stop.. Yep. Unique to you.

A Simmons Method™ trained therapist really understands this.

And, by using the tried and tested, powerful 7-step framework for Freedom from Smoking, they know exactly how to tailor it for precisely what you need to get free of the smoking completely and for good. Normally far quicker than you would expect.

Getting Help from a Simmons Method™ Trained Specialist

We are here to help

If you have come here from a link from a Simmons Method™ Trained Specialist’s website, then go back there and book a call with them now.  You will be in the best of hands.

Your therapist knows how to help you get free of the smoking permanently and for good.

And if you’d like to find one, drop me an email and I’ll find someone to help.

Freedom from smoking could be just an email away.

About Cathy Simmons

Creator of The Simmons Method™

I developed The Simmons Method™ after my own extensive struggle to stop smoking. I tried every treatment with little success. Then one day I just knew that I would never smoke again. Why did this happen? I wanted to completely understand and capture exactly what had made the permanent difference (so easily).
So I trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and went about learning everything I could about the neurology of addiction and nicotine addiction in particular, through extensive trainings, reading, research and University study

What I found was that all the methods looked at addiction from a different angle, and I couldn’t find anything that brought it all together in a way that I could use practically with my clients.
I made it my mission to develop one unified approach.
To take that knowledge and apply the tools and techniques and frameworks that we know as therapists in a uniquely targeted way.  And, my goodness, it worked – so well.

More and more therapists approached me wanting to know what I was doing to get the results and asking me to help them work successfully with smokers, and so I formalised it within The Simmons Method™.

I have been training hypnotherapists in this approach for many years now, and there are now well over 100 Simmons Method Trained™ Smoking Cessation specialists helping smokers become happy, healthy non-smokers.