Get Complete Confidence working with Smokers
Powerful Online Training

Turn your worst clients into your DREAM clients!

A powerful online training for hypnotherapists in The Simmons Method™. You can stop worrying that your therapy isn’t going to work and start to concentrate on helping smokers get free from their addiction permanently and completely

On the course you will

  • Get the 7-Step Framework for Smoke-Free Clients, so that you always know exactly where to start and everything you need to cover
  • Be introduced to the neuroscience of addiction so that you can precisely target your therapy and become known as an expert
  • Discover the impact of the bigger picture on the craving brain, how to make it permanent and what might get in the way
  • Find out about the contraindications (yes, there are some!), so you know when not to see clients and what to do, ensuring the safety of you and your clients
  • Learn several possible Session Structures and know how to tailor your sessions within the framework: No more ‘What do I do next?
  • Understand why clients come back and what to do if they do
  • Learn new techniques which you can add to your toolkit for your clients
  • Find out how to work with clients who aren't ready so that you can turn potential clients into actual clients
  • Learn a business model that works which means you can earn more, relieve the ‘sales’ pressure for you and your clients and help more people!
Wendy Capewell Hypnotherapist

I have learned SO much from you, and am using some of the techniques you have demonstrated in other areas of my work with clients, which is making such a difference to them and me.
This is one of the best courses I have been on! It is packed full of information, examples, resources, and you make it easy to understand. Please run more, I am eager to learn!


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Access to the Facebook Insiders' Support Group during and after the training


Live Q&A calls, videos or webinars to get your questions answered 

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Complete Confidence with Smokers for just £595

You can get the cost of the training back with just ONE OR TWO CLIENTS!

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Andy MacArthur Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

​I run my own practice up here in sunny Edinburgh, specialising in addictions and trauma. The knowledge I have learned working with Cathy is priceless. Even just explaining the science bit and assessing for depression, which I have to admit I never used to, has really given me the confidence to turn down certain clients because they were not ready. Using this honest approach has actually gained me more business through the said clients referring others to me and the original ones booking for a later date. This has now raised my credibility as a result. Thank you Cathy, you and your training are fantastic!

Congratulations to Cathy on winning ‘Therapist of the Year 2015’ - she so deserves it! There are only a few people in the Coaching/ Therapy world who are willing to work in the challenging field of addictions and so few therapists who have the depth of understanding and expertise that Cathy has. It is really important work that she does. I think it’s wonderful that she fully understands the nature of addiction and that she is now sharing this with other therapists. She is truly, as they say, making a difference

Nikki Vee Master Coach and Mentor to the APCTC


I developed The Simmons Method™ after my own extensive battle to stop smoking. I had tried absolutely everything  without any long term success, until one day I just knew it was different - I knew that I would never smoke again.
I was very curious! Why did this happen? Why was it different this time? 
I needed to find out so I set about learning everything I could about the neurology of addiction and nicotine addiction in particular through extensive trainings, reading, research and University study.

What I found was that everything I learned was looking at addiction from a different angle, so I set out to pull everything I had learned into one unified approach in order to apply the tools and techniques and frameworks for therapy that I knew in a very targeted way,

More and more therapists were approaching me wanting to know what I was doing to get the results I was getting and asking me to help them work successfully with smokers, which led to me to formalising it within The Simmons Method™.

I have been training hypnotherapists in this approach for a few years now, and have more than 100 Simmons Method™ Trained Smoking Cessation specialists throughout the UK.

Complete Confidence with Smokers for just £595


If, for up to 30 days after buying, you have gone through at least 4 modules of the training and are not delighted with it, I will refund your purchase in its entirety!

  • How does the training take place?
  • How long does it take?
  • How many hours per week does the training take?
  • Do I need any specific computer equipment or software?
  • What qualifications do I need to sign up?
  • Can I do all the training in my own time?
  • What qualification will I have at the end of the training?

All training materials are online using a combination of videos, accompanying worksheets, audios and other supporting materials, divided into 7 modules.

I recommend going through one module every week, but this is up to you.
Occasionally, if there are questions that are best answered in more depth than in the Facebook Group, I will run a live Q&A or produce a video that answers it.

It can be great to buddy up with others on the course if you want, to try things out, too.​

Complete Confidence with Smokers for just £595

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